Paper Honeycomb Panels Turkey

Buy Paper honeycomb panels in Turkey

alibaba offers Paper honeycomb panels directly from the warehouse. These panels are ideally fitted for door production and are sized 2000x800x33mm. Also honeycomb panel products are widely used in different packaging decisions. We can deliver Paper honeycomb panels to your production facilities in Turkey for low prices!

How and where Paper honeycomb panels are being used?

buy Paper honeycomb panels in Turkey You can find large number of ways how to use Paper honeycomb panels. The amount of fields where these components could very well be applied is growing.

Paper honeycomb panels are the ideal core material for providing inside structure when light-weight, strength and price are key considerations. Applications include interior doors, furniture, automotive parts and packaging materials. It is a green product consisting out of all-natural paper and water based glue. Honeycomb paper idea has been derived from the structure of honeycombs of honey bees. This structure imparts high compression strength to the board with very less weight.

Paper honeycomb is typically a void-filler. With its low density, it can be put inside hollow objects and spaces to produce a snug fit. It is also used as packaging material because of its excellent compressive strength and isolation properties. Creative applications of Paper honeycomb panels include making paper furniture and fixtures. With honeycomb, the possibilities are endless!

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Paper honeycomb panels Turkey
Paper honeycomb panels Turkey