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alibaba offers Paper honeycomb panels directly from the warehouse. These panels are ideally fitted for door production and are sized 2000x800x33mm. Also honeycomb panel products are widely used in different packaging decisions. We can deliver Paper honeycomb panels to your production factory in Serbia for low prices!

Where and How Paper honeycomb panels are utilized?

buy Paper honeycomb panels in Serbia You will discover large number of ways how to use Paper honeycomb panels. The number of fields where these components could very well be applied is continuously growing.

Honey comb has been used as core material in doors and furniture since 1960. Today’s trend to optimize the use of wood brings new life to the industry of lightweight sandwiches. The applications are versatile: doors, furniture, walls, shop fittings etc.

Recently, panels made of paper honeycomb filler – so called “Re-board” – have been gaining more popularity. “Re-board” is a panel having many interesting properties. The material structure is a “sandwich” that has low weight and high strength. In basic form it has perfectly flat surface and represents excellent isolation from heat, sound and weather conditions.

  • The structures are mounted very easily (warehouse workers can do that).
  • Powerful lifters aren’t needed for loading and unloading of materials.
  • Low transportation costs.
  • Perfect material for printing on it.
  • “Re-board” is a stable, environment friendly material, produced using energy efficient processes and water-based adhesives which makes it suitable for recycling. It’s an excellent material for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • “Re-board” can be recycled as a paper – none of its components can represent a danger to environment.
  • “Re-board” can be used as construction material as well as means of communication, thanks to its strength and excellent printing properties.
  • High flexibility – each sort of this product is unique and meets the specific set of requirements.

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We’re able to propose different alternatives in order to optimise strength, space, material and price anticipations. Give us a call for Paper honeycomb panels Serbia price tags!
Paper honeycomb panels Serbia
Paper honeycomb panels Serbia