Paper Honeycomb Panels Malta

Buy Paper honeycomb panels in Malta

alibaba offers Paper honeycomb panels directly from the warehouse. These panels are ideally fitted for door production and are sized 2000x800x33mm. Also honeycomb panel products are widely used in different packaging decisions. We can deliver Paper honeycomb panels to your production facilities in Malta for low prices!

Where and How Paper honeycomb panels are Used?

buy Paper honeycomb panels in Malta You will discover number of ways how to use Paper honeycomb panels. The amount of fields where these components could be applied is fast growing.

Thanks to its light yet robust structure, Paper honeycomb panels are being used in a variety of applications:

• production of internal doors
• furniture
• advertising panels
• trade shows and booths…

Depending on its application, paper honeycomb can be made using different basic weights and variable honeycomb sizes. It can be also be cut to size. Paper honeycomb boards are used for spare-parts packaging, buffer packaging, in the construction of paper pallets and as heavy duty carton. Beyond the packing industry, they are used in furnitures and as partitioning walls in prefabricated houses, sound-proof rooms and yachts. In the latter application, their acoustic and thermal insulating properties are a distinctive advantage.

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Paper honeycomb panels Malta
Paper honeycomb panels Malta