Paper Honeycomb Panels Croatia

Buy Paper honeycomb panels in Croatia

alibaba offers Paper honeycomb panels directly from the warehouse. These panels are ideally fitted for door production and are sized 2000x800x33mm. Also honeycomb panel products are widely used in different packaging decisions. We can deliver Paper honeycomb panels to your manufacturing facilities in Croatia for low prices!

Where and How Paper honeycomb panels are Used?

buy Paper honeycomb panels in Croatia You will find vast amount of methods how to use Paper honeycomb panels. The number of fields where this product could very well be applied is continuously growing.

Due to the wide range of applications, Paper honeycomb panels can be considered as both inner and outer packaging. In addition to blocking and filling it can also be used as a shock absorbing product, a product separator or even for pallets.

Honeycomb is completely recyclable made only of kraft paper and water based glue. Die-cutting possibilities and different thicknesses from 10 to 110 mm give flexible design possibilities. The material is strong with high resistance to vertical compression. The surface can be PE film coated to achieve humidity resistance.

Anything from small electronic components to large generators can be protected with honeycomb. The packaging can be designed for products as light as a cell phone or as heavy as automotive parts of several tons. Today, Honeycomb is used in even more applications from die cut internal packaging to furniture to Honeycomb Cradles – which protect rolled products in process or in transit. Expanded Paper Honeycomb is one of the strongest yet lightest packaging materials that is also 100% recyclable. Call us to get more information on how Honeycomb can be used for your packaging application.

  • Damage Control Packaging
  • Product Support and Cradling
  • Void Fillers for Shipping

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We are able to propose different alternatives in order to optimise durability, space, material and price targets. Call us today for Paper honeycomb panels Croatia pricing!
Paper honeycomb panels Croatia
Paper honeycomb panels Croatia