Paper Honeycomb Panels Azerbaijan

Buy Paper honeycomb panels in Azerbaijan

alibaba offers Paper honeycomb panels directly from the warehouse. These panels are ideally fitted for door production and are sized 2000x800x33mm. Also honeycomb panel products are widely used in different packaging decisions. We can deliver Paper honeycomb panels to your production facilities in Azerbaijan for low prices!

Where and How Paper honeycomb panels are Used?

buy Paper honeycomb panels in Azerbaijan You will discover number of methods how to use Paper honeycomb panels. The number of fields where these components could possibly be applied is continuously growing.

A lightweight and yet stable paper honeycomb core board. The boards can be coated in different papers from 200 – 400 g/m2, or with foil or decorative coverings.


  • Model making
  • Exhibition & trade fair constructions
  • Furniture
  • Packaging
  • Shop fitting
  • Doors
  • Theatre staging
  • Motor manufacturing

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We can easily suggest different options in order to optimise strength, space, material and cost targets. Call us today for Paper honeycomb panels Azerbaijan prices!
Paper honeycomb panels Azerbaijan
Paper honeycomb panels Azerbaijan