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Our business offers honeycomb papers and honeycomb carton pallets that may be developed to fit the complete needs of your packaging. Depending on the product, handling or destination, we’re able to recommend different options in order to optimise strength, space, material and price expectations.

honeycomb paper – where it can be applied?

honeycomb paper suppliersPaper Honeycomb is amongst the most economically reasonable materials. High strength and low weight, cheap, eco-friendliness, high temperature and noise insulation, capability to sustain impacts – these are the basic factors that determine the wide variety of appliances for honeycomb paper that is only limited by your imagination.

Honeycomb panel products are widely used in several packaging decisions. Honeycomb panels are used as fillings when transporting goods. Honeycomb panels are actively pushing out other substitute materials in this market due to their outstanding characteristics of strength and eco-friendliness. For example, the flagship of World’s furniture industry – IKEA, is switching to honeycomb paper for their products’ packing needs.

Modern technological equipment allows us to manufacture the top quality Paper Honeycomb with variety of geometrical and physical parameters. We can produce paper honeycomb with 6-sided core, up to 1600mm in width.

An automatic production line ensures manufacturing of Paper Honeycomb with infinite length and following characteristics:

  • height(H) – 10 to 100mm;
  • width(in unexpanded condition) – up to 1600mm;
  • width in expanded condition(W) – up to 1280mm;
  • length (L) – infinite;
  • cell size(diameter of a circle inscribed in a hexagon) -14, 21 and 27mm;
  • compressive strength – 1,4 – 5,5 kg/cm2.
  • As a raw material for Paper Honeycomb production we use fluting with density 120-200gsm.

honeycomb paper suppliers – our products:

honeycomb paper pallets honeycomb container pallet honeycomb panel
Honeycomb carton pallets Container pallets Honeycomb sheets/panels

We provide honeycomb paper solutions that really help our clients achieve their aims much better. Constantly contributing to the growth of our organization, we provide the most up-to-date solutions, the simplest honeycomb paper suppliers service, the most beneficial production and the best price/quality ratio. While developing our technological and production capacity, we are always focused on the customers’ needs..