Honeycomb Pallets Macedonia

honeycomb pallets MacedoniaCartonpallet.com delivershoneycomb pallets for sale in Macedonia that can be designed to fit the particular needs of your packaging. With respect to the product, handling or destination, we can recommend different choices in order to optimise durability, space, material and expense expectations. Extra strong honeycomb pallets – tested and approved for the most demanding conditions.

honeycomb pallets Macedonia – advantages

  • Different load carrying capacity: 100 kg to 1500 kg (depending on the type of carton, size of structural cells, size and construction of honeycomb feet);
  • According to the number and construction of feet the honeycomb pallets are divided into pallets of 2- and 4-way forklift entry;
  • honeycomb pallets are made of tight high-quality cellulose cardboard, making the pallet rigid;
  • Pallet feet can be delivered separately to lower your transport space. Gluing feet to the carton pallets on site by the customer is considerably easier than repairs of wooden pallets.

Buy honeycomb pallets in Macedonia

Honeycomb pallets with extra leg support Data
buy corrucated carton pallets Macedonia from direct wholesaler
  • from 100 kg to 1000 kg
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg
  • Legs: 9 blocs in size 90*180mm with extra support for legs from cogurrated board
  • Weight: ca. 2 kg
  • All standard dimensions are available.
  • The honeycomb quality offered – cells from 160 g/m2 chemical fluting, cell size 14 mm

Honeycomb pallets Data
corrucated carton pallets Macedonia for sale from direct producer
  • All standard sizes available
  • from 100 kg to 1000 kg
  • Legs: 9 blocks in size 90*180mm
  • The honeycomb quality offered – cells from 160 g/m2 chemical fluting, cell size 14 mm
  • Legs can be transported separately in order to keep transportation costs down. You can add (glue) legs later at your facilities.

Custom honeycomb pallets Data
ISP IKEA standard pallet feet
  • If the weight of goods is not distributed equally and you have more than one loading point, then custom legs are recommended.
  • IKEA legs
  • Pallets are custom-made in sizes specified by the customer and for specific loads.

honeycomb pallets for sale in Macedonia

We can suggest more different options in order to optimise strength and durability, space, material and cost targets. Call us today for honeycomb pallets Macedonia price tags!.