Did you know that 85% of wood pallets end up in landfills?

There are currently 2,000,000,000 pallets (no, that’s not a typo) in use right now. That sounds like it would take a lot of trees, huh? It gets worse, 85% of wood pallets end up in landfills. There’s gotta be a better solution. We are. Responsible Pallets are 100% recyclable which eliminates landfill use, solves common disposal issues, and generates recycling revenue. Take a greener approach to logistics and lower your emissions and costs with Carton┬áPallets.

carton pallets

Corrugated pallets are just as strong as conventional wooden pallets, yet they weigh about 80% less. With 2 billion pallets circulating the USA right now, this makes about an 80 billion pound difference. Imagine the fuel and emissions saved each year by not hauling 80 billion pounds of dead weight.

honeycomb carton pallets in latvia

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