Change the Planet Reduce Carbon Emissions. Massively.

Pallets = Weight. Weight = Fuel. Fuel = Carbon.


Trucks use shipping pallets made of wood to haul products that we consume. But here’s the thing: Corrugated cardboard pallets are just as strong and can carry just as much as conventional wooden pallets, yet they weigh about 80% less. And with 2 billion pallets in circulation in the United States right now, this makes a huge difference — about an 80 billion pound difference, to be exact. Imagine the fuel we could save each year by not hauling 80 billion pounds of dead weight. Now imagine what a huge difference this would make in carbon emissions.

Equal to shutting down 7 coal-fired power plants every year.

It’s true: Using cardboard pallets means less trucks necessary to haul our goods. Enough to equal shutting down 7 coal-fired power plants every year. Here’s how: wood pallets come in a few standard sizes which limit the available truck bed volume. But corrugated pallets can be retrofitted, enabling us to increase the amount of goods we can fit in every truck by 15% or more. This means at least 15% less trucks on the road. And this, of course, amounts to a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

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